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EViews Basics is a reduced feature version of EViews 4. It contains all of the features of EViews 4 except:

  • Database Features: EViews Basics supports only read access to EViews databases. It cannot not create new databases or write into databases. It does not provide access to Haver Analytics databases. Remote DRI database access is supported. You will still be able to read data from and write data to Excel spreadsheet files or plain text ASCII files in the Basics version.
  • Dated Data Tables: The EViews table editor that allows you to create presentation tables of data, including mixed frequencies is not included.

  • Advanced estimators for ARCH, GMM, Pooled cross section-time series, Censored variable models (TOBIT), Ordered choice models, Count models, State Space models, System Estimation (3SLS, SUR, GMM), and user-specified maximum likelihood (LogL) are not included. 

    Included in Basics are: Linear & Nonlinear LS and TSLS, ARMA, Logit, Probit, VARs, Cointegration analysis, and all other statistical procedures of EViews 4.

  • Model simulation is limited to models of ten equations or less.

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