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QMS is pleased to announce the release of EViews 4 for Windows 9x, Me, NT 4.0 and 2000.

Designed for the generation of 32-bit Windows operating systems, and featuring major enhancements to both data management and modeling tools, EViews continues to set the standard for econometric analysis, forecasting, and modeling software...

Overview What is EViews 4 and what can it do for me...?

What's New in EViews 4.0? I use EViews 3.x... What's new in EViews 4?

System Requirements What kind of computer do I need to run EViews 4? How much memory? Hard drive space?

Capacity How many observations can EViews handle? How many series?

Prices and Ordering What does EViews cost and how do I order a copy?

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