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 is an integrated program that is unsurpassed in the breadth and variety of its estimation tools for estimation and analysis of linear and nonlinear models with cross section, time series and panel data. LIMDEP Version 8.0 is a major expansion of our premier software for estimation of regression models and nonlinear models for limited dependent variables, survival data, qualitative choices, count data, stochastic frontiers and samples subject to nonrandom selection. Over 100 different models are supported, including an unparalleled list of formulations for panel data. No other software is as up to date, fast, accurate, and easy to use.  is the world’s leading package for analysis and simulation of discrete choice data such as brand choice, transportation mode, and all manner of survey and market data. NLOGIT 3.0 includes all of LIMDEP 8.0 in addition to the discrete choice analysis tools. NLOGIT provides estimation programs for all up to date techniques including mixed (random parameters) logit, nested logit, multinomial probit, and heteroscedastic extreme value. Complete flexibility in variable choice set specifications is supported. Data may be individual observations, rankings, frequencies or market shares, and data sets may combine revealed and stated preference data.
What’s New in 8.0 What’s New in 3.0
Dozens of panel data estimators for fixed and random effects
Models for finite mixtures, latent classes and hierarchical structures
Maximum simulated likelihood and GMM
Kernel density, semiparametric and nonparametric estimation
2,000 pages of Econometrics in our new manual
Panel data models for repeated choice situations
Model simulator for analyzing changes in market shares when variables change for any estimated model using any or all sample or out of sample data
Multinomial and multiperiod probit and time variation in panel mixed logit
Latent class estimation
Alternative normalizations for utility specifications
LIMDEP 8.0  Manual Set NLOGIT 3.0 Manual Set
  - LIMDEP 8.0 Reference Guide
  - LIMDEP 8.0 Econometric Modeling Guide, Volume 1
  - LIMDEP 8.0 Econometric Modeling Guide, Volume 2
  - NLOGIT 3.0 Reference Guide
  - LIMDEP 8.0 Reference Guide
  - LIMDEP 8.0 Econometric Modeling Guide, Volume 1
  - LIMDEP 8.0 Econometric Modeling Guide, Volume 2



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LIMDEP 8.0 1,134,000  774,000  1,014,000 
NLOGIT 3.0 1,494,000  1,014,000  1,374,000 


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