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BILOG Downloads

Patch files for Bilog 3.11:

In cases where multiple subtests with large numbers of items per subtest were analysed in a BILOG run, the program did not terminate normally in phase 2. Results for all subtests were not reported due to an allocation problem. By putting the largest subtest first in the command file, normal termination of the program could, however, be obtained. Results printed to output files were correct.

In order to remove any constraints on the order of subtests in a single run, please download the appropriate patch file. After downloading and unzipping the patch file, apply it in one of two ways:

  • For BILOG for Windows: Select the file in your Windows explorer and double click to run the patch file.
  • For BILOG for DOS: Go to the BILOG directory and type in the name of the file you have just extracted, for example 311d. Then press the ENTER button.

In both cases, you will be guided through the patch process. These patch files can only be applied to the first release of BILOG 3.11, dated 4/16/98 (check the date associated with the BILOG *.exe files).


Patch file for Bilog for Windows 3.11:
Patch file for Bilog for Dos Extender:

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