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HLM 홈 제품 정보 주문/가격 기술지원 HLM 5

Changes made to HLM 5.02 (released 11/2000) in this service release (07/2001) are listed below. A number of problems were fixed and some new features added to all the modules.

  • A new graphics procedure has been added to all four modules, allowing the user to graph the relationship between the outcome variable and predictors. Documentation describing this has been added to the help file.
  • The option to perform Laplace iterations with HLM 3 has been added.
  • The software used for importing stat package data into HLM has been updated, allowing importation of the latest data files from packages like SAS, STATA and SPSS.
  • Printing of the degrees of freedom for fixed coefficients to the output file has been corrected.
  • A problem with the graphics procedure when using weighted SSM files has been corrected. Note that the procedure cannot handle weighted SSM files made from ASCII data.
  • A problem in HLM 5.03 concerning the use of group-mean centered variables at level-2 when running HLM3 has been fixed.

We are aware of the following problems, which will be attended to in future service releases:

  • Non-linear analyses using the multiple imputation option cannot currently be run.
  • The currently distributed version of DBMSCOPY is unable to read database spreadsheet files (for example ACCESS, EXCEL) multiple times when making the SSM files. Users importing these data should prepare separate input files for each level of the hierarchy. When using SPSS, SAS, etc a single data file may be used as input at multiple levels. In addition, the importation of SPSS portable (*.por) files with DBMSCOPY is not currently possible. Users are advised to use another SPSS format for data files instead.

Check the About HLM box from the Help menu to make sure which version of HLM you are running. Then download the appropriate patch file and run it to upgrade to HLM 5.04.

  Download upgrade from HLM 5.01 to HLM 5.04
  Download upgrade from HLM 5.02 to HLM 5.04
  Download upgrade from HLM 5.03 to HLM 5.04
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