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SSI Academic Advisory Board

In 2001, SSI instituted an Academic Advisory Board to provide management with counsel in matters such as the development of its current products, new products, or other undertakings. SSI staff is encouraged to explore the possibilities of research and development with board members (or associates) that is of mutual interest.

Tony Bryk
Tony Bryk Tony Bryk is Professor of Urban Education and Sociology at the University of Chicago, Senior Director of the Consortium on Chicago School Research, and Director of the Center for School Improvement at the University of Chicago. His research interests include: Analysis of Multilevel Data; Research on School Organization and its Effects; Socio-Political Organization of Applied Social Science. He is a co-author of the HLM software program.
Robert Cudeck
Robert Cudeck Robert Cudeck is Professor in the Department of Psychology at the University of Minnesota - Twin Cities. His major activities of the last few years are in the study of statistical issues in factor analysis, and the development of efficient computational approaches of nonlinear mixed-effects models.
Karl Joreskog
Karl Joeskog Karl Joreskog is Professor Emeritus at Uppsala University (Sweden), Professor at the Norwegian School of Economics and Business Administration in Bergen (Norway) and Professor at the Norwegian School of Management in Oslo (Norway). His research interests include: multivariate analysis, factor analysis, covariance structure analysis, structural equation models, and statistical applications in behavioral and social sciences. Together with Professor Dag Sorbom, he developed the LISREL model and the LISREL computer program.
Steve Raudenbush
Steve Raudenbush Steve Raudenbush is Professor at the Department of Educational Studies, School of Education, University of Michigan, and Senior Research Scientist at the Survey Research Center. His research interests include: analysis of multilevel data; methods for studying psychological change within schools, classrooms, and families. His focus is on building into statistical models the fact that children are clustered into social settings rather than as solitary individuals. The HLM program that he co-authored implements these ideas.
Dag Sorbom
Dag S?bom Dag Sorbom teaches statistics at the University of Uppsala. His research interests include: covariance structure analysis and structural equation models, especially multiple-group problems. Together with Professor Karl Joreskog, he developed the LISREL computer program.

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