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Windows Word Processor 호환 테이블

Word Processor / EndNote Version X5 X4 X3 X2 EN Web
Microsoft Word 2010 (32-bit/64-bit) C C C C C*
Microsoft Word 2007 C C C C C
Microsoft Word 2003 C C C C C
Microsoft Word XP (2002) X X X X X
Microsoft Word 2000 X X X X X Writer 3 C C C X X
Mathematica 8 C C X X X
WordPerfect (All Versions) M M M M X

C  = Cite While You Write
C* = 32-bit support. See news for more information.
X  = Not Supported except using Format Paper Feature on unformatted documents saved in .RTF format.
M  = 자세한 정보는 이 곳을 참고...

You can also use the "Format Paper" feature in EndNote X and later or the "RTF Document Scan" feature in EndNote 7/8/9 to scan and format RTF (rich text format) files created by these and many other word processors including Ami-Pro, FrameMaker (RTF only, not MIF format), OpenOffice, StarOffice, and others.

**WordPerfect 10-X5 and EndNote 8 and later

You can use the "Format Paper" feature in EndNote X and later or the "RTF Document Scan" feature in EndNote 7/8/9 to format your WordPerfect papers saved as RTF files. For more details and exact instructions, please see the section entitled "Scanning and Formatting RTF Files" (Scanning and Formatting Files in EndNote X1 and later) in EndNote's Help system or in the EndNote manual. Please note one correction to the procedures outlined for this feature in the Help system and manual. When you paste citations into your document, you need to use the "Paste without Font/Attributes" command instead of the "Paste" command. You can select "Paste without Font/Attributes" by right-clicking on the document, or you can also invoke it by pressing CTRL+SHIFT+V. This will insert the citation into your document in the format necessary for the RTF Document Scan to work.

Word 2010

Click here for Word 2010 compatibility information.


Word 2007

Click here for Word 2007 compatibility information.

Word 2003

Microsoft Word 2003 is certified for use with EndNote versions 5 and later. EndNote 8 and later are fully compatible with Word 2003. EndNote? versions 5/6/7 were not initially designed to work with Word 2003, but we have found no incompatibilities and you should be able to use these versions of EndNote with Word 2003 without trouble.* However, it may be necessary to manually install the EndNote Cite While You Write (CWYW) tools into Word in order to get the programs to work together. Click here for instructions on manually installing the tools into Microsoft Word.

* There is a potential issue with Word's Track Changes feature present in EndNote 5/6/7/8, documented in this FAQ .

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