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Word Processor/CWYW
Operating System Compatiblity and Conversion
Output Styles

Operating System 호환성과 변환

질문 22: EndNote를 사용 중에 "Service Error: Generic" 메시지가 뜨는데? 답변
질문 21: EndNote 8 라이브러리와 이전 버전과의 호환성에 문제가 있는가? 답변
질문 8: 윈도우용 EmdNote 라이브러리를 매킨토시로 보낼 수 있나 (맥 라이브러리를 윈도우로는)? 답변
질문 2: EndNote 7을 사용할 수 있는 시스템 사양은? Windows NT4나 Windows 98에서 사용할 수 있나? EndNote 6/7은 Macintosh OS10.3 (Panther)에서 운용되나? 답변
질문 16: I am running OSX (10.2.x) with EndNote 6.0, and when I try to open an EndNote library the program crashes. Are there compatibility issues? Is there a patch available? Answer
질문 17: ProCite 데이터베이스를 EndNote로 변환할 수 있나? 답변
질문 18: Reference Manager 데이터베이스를 EndNote로 변환할 수 있나? 답변
질문 47: I'm getting a 1935 error message when trying to install EndNote 8. How can I resolve this problem? Answer
질문 49: When I go to "References > New Reference" or when I try to edit an existing reference in a library, nothing happens with EndNote 8 on a Mac. When I close EndNote, I get an "Unexpectedly Quit" error. How can I resolve this? Answer
질문 51: I purchased the download version of EndNote, and need to reinstall, but I no longer have the installer file on my computer. How can I re-download the software? Answer
질문 52: After installing, when opening EndNote 8 an error message comes up. The window's title is "Software\ISI ResearchSoft\EndNote\Preferences", and the content of the window is all boxes or filled with chinese characters. How can I fix this? Answer
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