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Make better decisions with risk and decision analysis solutions
Aukland: June 29 - 30, 2006Intro/Intermediate Risk and Decision Assessment
Melbourne: July 17 - 18, 2006 Intro/Intermediate Risk and Decision Assessment
NEW! @RISK 5.0 for Excel 2007This update allows users of @RISK 5.0 for Excel to take full advantage of Excel 2007's features - including the vastly expanded worksheet grid. The update is FREE to maintenance subscribers.
Announcing Free Live WebcastsPalisade’s new Free Live Webcasts are seminars given online free of charge to further learning in risk, decision, and data analysis. The sessions are 30 to 60 minutes in length, include question-and-answer, and are presented on a variety of topics.
DecisionTools Suite Guides Environmental Liability DecisionsIndustrial companies often have numerous actual or potential environmental legacies that linger for decades as financial liabilities. Triangle Economic Research relies on @RISK and PrecisionTree to simulate the least costly routes to managing "environmental risk portfolios" for their clients.
NeuralTools Commended by Scientific Computing MagazinePalisade continues to receive professional recognition for its software as Scientific Computing's Dr. John A. Wass takes NeuralTools through a rigorous examination from installation to performance. In a phrase, he asserts, "This analysis add-on is simplicity itself."
@RISK Sets Budget for Social ServicesTo control costs, state governments are increasingly moving toward the privatization of social services. How much should a state pay its private vendors for providing those services? This is a tricky question that the consulting firm Pareto Solutions uses @RISK to address.
@RISK for Project Featured in New Book from by Wiley PublishingOrganized Opportunities: Risk Management in Financial Services Operations, by Dr. Wilhelm K. Kross, provides food for thought and real life examples using @RISK for Project in his method toolkit to turn enterprise-wide risk management into an opportunity enabler.
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