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May 2006 News
Buon Giorno! @RISK Italiano Released, Palisade Featured in Quality Digest, DecisionTools and the Environment.

April 2006 News
Palisade Announces User Conferences, @RISK Models Blood Screening, DecisionTools Used in Oil and Gas.

February 2006 News
@RISK used by Columbia University for modeling energy policies, NeuralTools and StatTools used by healthcare consultant to predict hospital patient load in Virginia, and @RISK used by reinsurance firms to model exposure to risk and potential liabilities.

January 2006 News
Introducing NeuralTools, Palisade's new neural networks analysis add-in for Excel. NeuralTools Used by Researchers for Tumor Diagnosis. Cornell and Purdue Use @RISK to Assess Agricultural Policy.

November 2005 News
Palisade Europe moves to a new home. @RISK scores high at Illinois State University. Introducing NeuralTools!

August 2005 News
Palisade launches web forums, ModelAssist for @RISK, and Trainer/Consultant career opportunity.

July 2005 News
@RISK goes global with four new languages, Palisade partners with Microsoft, and Palisade Academic Programs.

March 2005 News
Local service and support from Sydney. Grand opening special offers!

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