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Palisade Software Updates

@RISK 5.0
1 february 2008

This patch will update current installed versions of @RISK 4.5.x to version 4.5.5, including versions bought with books and student versions.. The patch will not update @RISK version 4.0 or earlier. Contact your sales representative to find out about upgrading to @RISK 5.0

This is a general maintenance upgrade recommended for all users of @RISK.

• This patch requires Excel 97 or higher. If you are using Excel 7, do not download this patch.
This patch requires Windows 98, Windows NT 4.0, or higher. If you are using Windows 95, do not download this patch.

— @RISK 5.0 Update
@RISK 5.0 ReadMe
@RISK 5.0 Version History


For help, see the Palisade HelpDesk. To upgrade to a new version, contact your sales representative.

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