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Business Consulting Services

There may be times when just knowing how to use the software and what it can do isn’t enough. The quality of your analysis depends as much on the accuracy of your spreadsheet model as it does on the robustness of the software. That’s why you should consider Business Consulting services from Palisade. Our consultants can help you put together a model to describe your particular risk analysis problem. And, if you need to develop a custom application with the @RISK, BestFit, Evolver or RISKOptimizer Developer Kits, we can help with that as well. Our consultants have backgrounds in a wide range of industries as well as computer programming skills.

Better Decisions from Quantitative Analytics
Our core expertise is the use of quantitative analytic methods to support decision making. We offer a unique combination of powerful analytics, practical business experience, and customised solutions. We work in a highly focused way to achieve a clear basis for decision-making and to uncover opportunities to enhance shareholder value.

A typical project involves three phases:

1. Initiation and Identification

  • Leading workshops to identify key value drivers, risks and data sources
  • Engagement of the appropriate client team members in the process, and the building of consensus as to priorities

2. Assessment and Analysis

  • Building quantitative modelling of the decision situation
  • Analysis of model outputs
  • Identification of key factors and implications for decision making
  • Development of action plans
  • Leading workshops to calibrate and discuss interim outputs

3. Reporting and Planning

  • Summarising key implications and recommendations for action
  • Leading workshops to gain consensus and finalise outputs

Wide Range of Applications

Typical projects Palisade Business Consulting can help with include:

Risk analysis

Analysis of the risks involved in a major project or investment decision
Quantification of the sources of risk, their magnitude and impact
Enterprise-wide risk identification, quantification and management
Aligning business strategy, business risk and shareholder communications

Business planning and business case analysis

Investment in new facilities
New product launches
Market entry analysis


Corporate, business unit and product valuations
Risk-adjusted valuations
Licensing agreements, valuation of R&D
Real options valuations

Resource allocation under uncertainty

Portfolio investment decisions
Business resource allocation

Deal and incentive structures, and negotiation support

Achieving an appropriate distribution of value to each party under a range of scenarios
Ensuring management and shareholders are properly incentivised across a wide range of future business outcomes

Financial modelling

Cash flow analysis, financial statement analysis
Monte Carlo simulations
Statistical analysis
Validation and due diligence of client financial models

Call today and we can start helping you spec out a risk analysis solution designed for your needs:

1 800 177 101
+61 2 9929 9799

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