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Sophisticated Neural Networks for Spreadsheets

NeuralTools™ brings a sophisticated new capability for forecasting and prediction in Microsoft Excel: Neural Networks. You'll make new predictions based on the patterns in your known data with uncanny accuracy. NeuralTools imitates brain functions in order to “learn” the structure of your data. Once NeuralTools understands your data, it can take new inputs and make intelligent predictions. Your spreadsheet can “think” for you like never before!

Live Prediction Updates Results in Real Time
NeuralTools can automatically update predictions when input data changes, so you don’t have to manually re-run your predictions when you get new data. Combine with Palisade’s Evolver or Excel’s Solver to optimise tough decisions and achieve your goals like no other Neural Networks package can!

Train, Test, and Predict in One Easy Step
There are three basic steps in a Neural Networks analysis: training the network on your data, testing the network for accuracy, and making predictions from new data. Only NeuralTools can accomplish all this automatically in one simple step!

Stay in Excel
NeuralTools works where you work – in Excel. Because NeuralTools uses the same interface as Excel, you can get up to speed quickly. With NeuralTools, you get the best of both worlds: Excel ease-of-use, combined with robust, accurate predictions.

Widely Applicable
Neural Networks are used across a wide variety of industry segments. And because NeuralTools works in Excel, this powerful technology is accessible to virtually anyone with a PC. Just a few examples of industries using Neural Networks, and some of their applications, include:

Bone and artifact identification and dating
Loan underwriting
Credit scoring
Credit Cards
Detection of fraudulent transactions
Target identification
Structural fault detection
Prediction of air and sea currents
Air and water quality
Finance and Securities
Investment prediction
Currency fluctuation
Flavours and Fragrances
Beer and wine flavour prediction
Homeland Security
Identification of potential terrorists
Policy underwriting
Loss reserves estimation
Quality control and Six Sigma
Accurately target prospects
Measure and compare marketing
     methods and campaigns
Tumor and tissue diagnosis
Heart attack diagnosis
Coal plant ash analysis
Energy price prediction
Oil reserves estimation
New drug effectiveness
Criminal and psychotic behavior prediction
Real Estate
Real estate appraisal
Scientific Research
Specimen identification
Protein sequencing
Network line fault detection
Highway maintenance
Power grid fault detection

Two Editions to Meet Your Needs
NeuralTools comes in two editions: Standard and Professional. The Standard edition allows up to 1,000 cases per dataset, and the Professional edition has unlimited capacity. The Professional edition also adds Live Prediction, whereby the predicted results are updated automatically when the input data changes.


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