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Design-Expert® 6 for Windows

Design-Expert 6 Splash

Design of Experiments 소프트웨어

제품과 생산성을 향상을 위한 강력한 통계 도구!

Design-Expert® 6의 새로운 사양

Design-Expert 버전 6에는 버전 5와 비교하여 다음과 같은 점이 향샹되었습니다.

  • Additional experimental designs (and capability for analysis)
    • General (multilevel) factorials for categorical factors
    • Combinations of mixture and/or process and/or categorical factors
    • Up to 256-run, two-level designs with optimum blocking options
    • Taguchi orthogonal arrays
    • Box-Behnken (RSM) designs for 9 and 10 factors
    • Up to 24 components for most mixture designs (not just screening)
    • Power calculations included in the sophisticated design evaluation tools.
  • More flexibility
    • Ignore a row of data while preserving the numbers
    • Add new factors and blocking to existing designs
    • Change factors from numerical to categorical and back
    • Define your own generators for fractional factorial designs
    • Change models from polynomial (RSM) to factorial and back
    • Add integer power terms to a model, for example: quartic
    • Select terms for model, error or to be ignored (allows analysis of split-plot or nested designs)
    • Take advantage of many new user preferences, for example: change the significance threshold to 0.01 or 0.1 "p-value" (default is 0.05).
  • More help
    • Greatly expanded context-sensitive help
    • Better guidance for choice of model
    • Annotated views to provide explanation of statistical outputs.
  • Changes to analysis of variance (ANOVA) output
    • Prior to viewing the ANOVA for two-level fractional factorials, a warning pops up that model is aliased, and the opportunity is provided to substitute aliased effects
    • F-tests on individual model terms
    • Confidence intervals on coefficients.
  • More graphs
    • Predicted versus actual with a 45 degree line
    • Box-Cox plot for choosing the best response transformation
    • Interaction graphs for RSM (as well as factorial designs)
    • Propagation of error (POE) for mixtures (as well as RSM): a big plus for those who are in "six sigma" programs.
  • Enhancements to numerical optimization
    • Include categorical factors
    • Set factors at a constant level.
  • Improved interface
    • Standard toolbar added for save, print, etc.
    • 32-bit architecture for maximum performance on Win 9x, NT and beyond
    • Ability to export any grid view as ASCII text, for example: the design layout.

Design-Expert 평가판으로 이 기능들을 확인할 수 있습니다.

30일 평가판 다운로드

하드웨어 요구 사양

Design-Expert 버전 6

  • 펜티엄 200 Mhz 이상 권장 (최소 486)
  • Microsoft Windows 95, 98, Windows NT 4.0, Windows 2000 이상
  • 마우스
  • Super VGA 모니터 및 그래픽 카드 (해상도 800x600 이상)
  • 10 MB 하드 디스크 공간
  • 권장 메모리(RAM)

    운영 시스템 

    최소 RAM 

    권장 RAM 

    Win 95 16 MB 32 MB
    Win 98, NT 32 MB 64 MB
    Win 2000 64MB 128 MB

추가 정보

상기 사항들은 Design-Expert 5에서 보다 향샹된 기능에 대한 설명 입니다. Design-Expert 6에 관해 좀 더 알고 싶으시면 아래를 참고 하십시오.

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